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Organic wool

Sheep's wool is a natural fiber oldest and is itself an organic tissue. In the past half century have been gradually replaced natural fibers by synthetic fibers. All this without considering the serious impact on the lives of millions of people working in the production of natural fibers nor the ecosystem or the final consumer who more often suffer from allergies due to overuse of synthetic fibers.

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Life in Pink

If some times you feel like pink, do it with sustainable design and organic fabrics. This Ecoology collection is been made in local workshops and factories near Barcelona and hand crafted in our studio. The fabrics are environmental respectful like seaweed and organic cotton.

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Recycled organic

¿Is there anything more environmentally friendly than recycling? In Ecoology we know that  well, that’s why we created the mini collection Anna, dress and tee, made of 100% recycled cotton without dye. Natural and fresh sand color to accompany you on summer days.

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